9 cheap Restaurants in bali and their Typical dishes

9 cheap Restaurants in bali and their Typical dishes

Eating cheap in Bali is easy because on the island you have restaurants for all budgets … Try their typical dishes in local Warungs that are always cheaper than restaurants in tourist stalls.

You should not leave Bali without discovering its flavors, smells and gastronomy in general. Try different dishes and fruits every day to take back one of the best memories. Visit local markets, restaurants or street food stalls and do not miss the recommendations made by other travelers. In Bali there are many variety of places to choose, even in the price … you have expensive restaurants but also options for dinner from € 3 …


Typical dishes of Indonesian gastronomy (in BALI):

If there are two dishes that stand out from the rest for being the most requested are the Nasi Goreng and the Mie Goreng.

Nasi goreng: is a fried rice with sweet soy sauce. It is usually accompanied by chicken (or seafood) eggs and vegetables. Usually they serve it without spice to tourists but if it is a local food stand make sure you order it or you can bring it very spicy. Food-bali-nasi-goreng

Mie goreng: fried noodles with soy sauce, you can also order them as the Nasi Goreng chicken or seafood. They accompany it with egg and vegetables. food-bali-mie-goreng-warung

Soto: it is a soup of meat and vegetables.

Kerupuk: Prawn bread served in many of its dishes as an accompaniment.

Lumpia Semarang: Spring roll.

Gado-gado: vegetable dish with peanut sauce.

Satay: they are like skewers of chicken meat or pork that are usually served with peanut sauce. They can be found in street stalls or in restaurants as a complement to other dishes. Food-in-bali-restaurant

Nasi uduk: Rice cooked in coconut milk served with lime, tomato, tofu and meat.

Klepon: Rice cake boiled with palm sugar and wrapped in banana leaves.

Otak-otak: Fish pie.

Sayur Asem: Vegetable soup with tamarind sauce.

Lawar: is a dish made of beans, coconut and other vegetables with meat.comer-in-bali-dish-vegetables

The Babi Guling: it is a tradition only of Bali because the rest of Indonesia are Muslims and do not eat pork. The Babi Guling is a roast suckling pig. More typical in the interior of the island. It is usually served crumbled, with rice and vegetables.

Bakso: this meal is typical throughout Indonesia but I do not recommend you try it. They are balls of meat served with meat and vegetable broth. The problem is that they are stored from one day to the next in bad conditions. Recently there has been controversy in the country because they found vendors who used formaldehyde to maintain the good condition of the meat … so it’s better not to take it in street stalls …

Serabi: rice flour crepe and coconut milk

Kopi bali: it’s the typical Balinese coffee. The Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world and is obtained by grinding the coffee beans extracted from the excrements of an animal, the civet (Luwak).

And for dessert try the Bubur Injin (black rice pudding) if it is on the menu because you will not find it everywhere. It is a sweet black rice served with coconut. Delicious despite its appearance!

One of the wonders of Bali is its fruit. As in all the countries of the area, being tropical there are a large number of fruits that we do not know in Europe. The best places to find and try it are the local markets. There are also fruit stalls next to the roads in the interior. The Durian is famous for bad smell it gives off and for its strong flavor … but the best fruit for me is the Dragon Fruit (Dragon Fruit), curiously this fruit grows in a kind of cactus !! Outside it is pink and inside it can be purple or white. The best ones are