Bali Best Beaches to visit

In Bali you can find beaches for all tastes from long stretches of sand to urban beaches passing by small coves under incredible cliffs. In spite of this I would not go to the island just for its beaches but to know its culture, Another important point is the subject of travel in Bali, the public transport service does not work well and you have to travel either with a motorcycle or with drivers (taxis).

The best beaches in Bali are in the south of the island:

Beaches of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak

These beaches are located in the most tourist area of ​​the island, so they are the most visited.

KUTA: is the longest and preferred by surfers especially by those who start in this sport (in Pantai Kuta). There are dozens of beach bars that offer surf courses among other things, if you want to learn this sport do not hesitate, you will not find a cheaper place !. The beach has very easy access and is easy to reach so it is the most popular. In the area there are accommodations for all types of travelers and places to eat.

LEGIAN and SEMINYAK : then to the north of Kuta. They are more elite areas.

These 3 beaches are perfect for those who want to have everything relatively at restaurants, cafes, beach bars, accommodation In general it is easy to find a good place but beware of the avalanche that occurs in Bali during the months of July and August! If you can better travel in low season, The best thing is to contemplate the spectacular sunsets of this corner of Bali.

Jimbaran Beach

Continuing to the south and after the airport we can find Jimbaran beach. This is another place quite touristy although quieter than the previous ones. The beach has good access and is more than 4 km long. One of its main attractions occurs during the night. At dusk the area is filled with food stalls for dinner, the typical dishes can not be other than fish.

Dreamland Beach

This is an area of ​​cliffs with different beaches. The access is more complicated than in the previous ones. In this area you usually have to go down several of stairs to reach the sand, then you have to climb them! This means there are fewer services but also fewer people. If you like surfing here you also have good waves.

Bingin Beach

Also located in an area of ​​cliffs you must go down several flights of stairs to reach the beach. The area of ​​sand is not very wide and there are few services.

Thomas Beach

This beach has like many others of Bali a complicated access. You have to go down some long stairs until you reach the sand. The beauty of this place is the vegetation on the beach, few people and the sea of ​​an incredible blue. For reference, the beach is about an hour from the Bali airport. It is located quite close to the famous Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple, located in Padang Padang and Uluwatu. In short, this is one of the most pristine beaches in Bali that you can find, but of course there are also surfers !!!

Coast of Uluwatu

Another beach of the south of Bali that has a quite complicated access although it is worth reaching it. The beach is well known for the most expert surfers because of the size of its waves. The waves of Uluwatu are among the most famous in the world of surfers. Another good reason to come, you will see a real show if the waves are big and there are surfers who dare to take them! It is also worth getting here for its landscapes! Rocks, cliffs and palm trees welcome you! To get to the beach, you have to go through a small section through a cave. One of the best pictures is that of the Uluwatu Coast from the road that skirts the cliffs:

Padang Padang Beach

In the Uluwatu area a little further north. A small beach in a rocky area and a quite natural environment although there is also have hammocks … The waves is great as another small paradise for surfers!

Beaches of Nusa Dua

This is surely the most elite area of ​​the island of Bali. The beach is surrounded by large tourist complexes (and quite expensive!). Here the white sand beaches and the waves are not as strong as in other parts of the island. If what you are looking for is a Resort this can be a good area to start your search.

Beaches of North Bali (Lovina)

Lovina, north of Bali, is an area of ​​small fishing populations. The beaches in this area are black volcanic sand but they are NOT any wonder. They are not well taken care of, there are enough plastics and no infrastructure. If you go to other northern areas such as Permuteran or Menjangan Island the beaches are better. In Lovina the most typical thing is to do the excursions to see dolphins in freedom. The waters of Lovina are temperate and every day there are excursions to go and see them. They leave very early in the morning so you need time to get up early if you want to go …

Beaches of Candidasa

Like Lovina, the beach is not very well maintained and in many stretches there is no more sand, one of the best known coves is Virgin Beach


Padangbai Beach and Blue Lagoon

It is one of the best known areas for diving trips, or for snorkeling. Blue Lagoon, is not very big and is usually full of tourists doing snorkeling, the beach itself is small and somewhat rocky so it is not worth coming if you are not going to take a boat to snorkel or dive

All these are just some of the beaches you can meet in Bali, There are many more such as:

Pandawa Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, Gunung Payung Beach, Sanur Beach but what was explained at the beginning, do not go to Bali if you are just looking for sun and beach! Bali is much more!

Gili Islands

The place is is not in Bali but in Lombok, they are a very sought after destination both for its beaches and for its water activities (diving or snorkeling), you can arrive from Bali in about two hours on a long boat.