How to choose Restaurant in BALI?

Take the opportunity to look for those “authentic” places that offer traditional food and run away from “western” restaurants , Local restaurants are often called “Warung”.

Economic Warungs in UBUD:

Warung Igelanca: traditional food in a place that looks more modern than others. They are two plants and in the letter there are photos to make life easier!

Puteri Minang: buffet with typical Padang food in Sumatra.

Warung Taman: located at the end of the main street there is Indonesian and Chinese style food.

Warung Kacu: here you can find the basics of Indonesian food at a good price.

Fair Warung Bale: it is a highly recommended place on Trip Advisor, among other things because it is carried by volunteers and the benefits go to a local NGO.

Dewa Warung: this is a very popular place with good prices. The long tables with banks and the clientele are both local and tourists.

Warung Janggar Ulam Restaurant in Bali:

This is a restaurant located near the highway but in the middle of nature. It has several independent pavilions surrounded by a pond. The best thing is that at the moment there are not many tourists, it is more a restaurant to which the locals come with families on holidays or for celebrations. You can eat very well and it is not expensive for what it offers. It is located between Ubud and the Goa Gajah temple.

Lereng Agung Restaurant:

This is the most expensive of the restaurants on the list, It is located next to the rice fields, the views are incredible. The menu is a free buffet, There are many typical dishes of Bali so you can try different flavors at the same time. It is quite close to the Mother Temple so it can be an option the day you go to visit it.

Eat (Cheap) in KUTA: If you are on the beach of Kuta beach and want to eat cheap the best thing is to avoid the shopping center called “Kuta Beachwalk Mall” and walk about 50 meters until you reach a small restaurant where there are about 10 cheap restaurants. They are next to the Kutabex Beach Front Hotel where there is also a Mc Donalds and KFC. They have a terrace but if you want to avoid the heat go to the bottom where they have indoor tables with air conditioning. Here you can try typical Indonesian dishes if you are at Kuta beach. All the cards have pictures! In this area you have almost all international fast food chains from Hard Rock Café through Starbucks