Nice Cafes and Cheap Restaurant in Bali

Where to eat in Bali: nice cafes and cheap restaurant

I warned you from the beginning, if you come to look for Indonesian local food, this post is not for you. When we visited the island of the Gods, we stayed in a villa facing the rice fields in Ubud, We had a kitchen and barely went out to eat outside. But when we went out, we wanted to go to nice restaurants (which does not mean they were super expensive, but a little more). That’s why for us one of the things to do in Bali is to know some of the places that we propose below. We have compiled our favorite cafes and restaurants where to eat in Bali.

Folie Kitchen & Patisserie
If you miss a European breakfast, this is the place. Everything is delicious and the restaurant is beautiful, elegant and with perfect walls for Instagram.

@foliebali folie










Where to eat in Ubud

Umah Pizza
It is a pizzeria that even in the low season is up to the flag. They have very rich and economical pizzas. The best thing is that you can choose the size of pizza you want. If you do not want to eat too much, there are individual pizzas for very little size











Città Ovest
My favorite pizzeria in Ubud, They are more expensive than Umah Pizza, but for my taste they are much better. It is a very small restaurant. If you go in high season, reserve especially for dinner. I recommend you order the vanilla ice cream and cookies, it is spectacular!











Folk Ubud
This is the best option of all those we tried in Ubud. Folk is a cafe / restaurant with a pool. The best part is if you go before 12pm or after 6pm, you do not have to pay to swimming in the pool. If you go between 12pm and 6pm, the pool costs 100k (€ 6) per person.
We went without knowing all this and did not pay for the pool, but decided to stay for lunch. And it was not a bad choice. Very rich and healthy dishes and also more expensive than average. they have vegetable lasagna, do not hesitate it is Delicious!


Sea Circus Bali
A quality American style option. We tried the hot dog and the hamburger and I am very happy. a little bit expensive, but with good atmosphere and decorated with pleasure. My favorite part is Bathroom!


Ice cream shops
Personally I really liked Gaya and Gelato Secrets. The first has fewer options in terms of flavors. And Gelato Secrets also serves coffees and waffles. Both convinced me in terms of quality / price.
And now we go with my favorites in the area of Canggu and Seminyak. They are local in beach areas with good food, a little posture and slightly higher prices.


Panama Kitchen & Pool
This restaurant is similar to Ubud Folk that it has a pool. You can eat a delicious hamburger and then you throw yourself on one of your inflatable mats. And enjoy with a cocktail in hand, even better.


These are my options where to eat in Bali if we get away from traditional food. Have you been to any of these nice cafes or restaurants?