The typical Balinese meals to eat in Bali

The typical Balinese meals to eat in Bali

The Balinese cuisine is very varied and receives influences from all over the world. The main ingredients are rice and spices. They are usually prepared with chicken, pork, seafood or fish using a large number of spices such as ginger, saffron, pepper, nutmeg.

Ayam Betutu is one of the best traditional foods in Bali. Contains chicken (“Ayam” means Chicken), a mixture of vegetables, peanuts and sambal (This is generally very spicy), always with rice.

Remember, to ask that it is not spicy, you should say “Tidak Pedas”.

It is a typical Balinese meal, so you can easily find it, from local food places to high class restaurants.

The price in local places is between 10,000 – 16,000 rupiah (1 USD), in restaurants you can find prices of up to 50,000 rupiah (4 USD).

If you come to Bali, this is one of the foods you have to try.

Babi Guling

Indonesia is a Muslim country, so it is usually difficult to find meals with pork, but this does not happen in Bali. The island of Bali is an island occupied mostly by Hinduism, and they have no restrictions on eating pork, they even eat very often.

Babi Guling is a classic Balinese food, It is composed of rice with different cuts of roast pork, usually accompanied by a small vegetable soup with boiled pork.

The price is around 14,000 to 20,000 rupiah


A Balinese meal, not very well known is the Lawar. It is prepared with chicken or pork cooked in coconut milk, with a mixture of different spices and abundant pepper, giving it a delicious taste, difficult to explain. The price ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 rupiah