Where to eat in ubud


Ubud is one of the essential places within Bali and it shows in the influx of travelers. It shows in the amount and variety of accommodation, activities focused on tourism and, of course, in restaurants. If you do not leave much of the center of Ubud, you will find mainly restaurants for food adapted to the tastes of the West and with prices in the same way. But, if you want during your days there look for a cheaper restaurant, but with delicious food, I have two places to recommend you.

Sen San: in the center of Ubud

Sen San a small restaurant in a side street of one of the main streets and that has no exit. Maybe that’s why people do not stop by, or maybe it’s because their four tables are always full. Sen San is the cheapest option we found in Ubud.

Sen San Ubud Bali

The Nasi Goreng was very rich and cost 15,000 rupees. Do not expect them to have very elaborate dishes, nor a great variety of them. Sen San offers the basic dishes of Bali at cheap prices. Can you ask for more? Yes, that the staff is friendly

Warung Makan “Bu Rus”

We arrived at Warung Makan “Bu Rus” . We were looking for the warung babi (where they prepare roast suckling pig every day at noon), but being closed, we kept walking trying to get away from the more tourist area. So we arrived at the warung Makan Bu Rus , The prices are not as cheap as in Sen San, but the menu is more varied.

The Warung Makan menu ranges from the typical dishes of Nasi Goreng to more elaborate or typical Balinese cuisine, some of which are already quite difficult to find in other menus (or so they say, I am not an expert on the subject). I tried a traditional Balinese soup with chicken that was delicious.

Balistar Coffee

You can not leave Indonesia without trying their delicious coffee or kopi. In Ubud you will find many places to have a coffee. To try this brown gold from Indonesia, I decided to go to Balistar Coffee, after spending several times and look at the establishment out of the corner of my eye and let myself be dazzled by its smell of rich fresh coffee. Balistar Coffee is a coffee shop where they only sell coffee, tea and pasta.

Preparing coffee at Balistar Coffee

There is a wide variety of coffees and every day there are two coffees of the day that cost 15,000 rupees per coffee, the rest can cost up to 50,000 Rp per cup. Also, you will see how they filter it with great care